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kinchay or wansoy

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Q: What is the tagalog name of malli leaves?
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What is MALLI Leaves?

Malli leaves is also known as KOTHIMBIR or Coriander or Chinese parsley

What is malli leaves in Hindi?

Dhania leaves?

What is parsley leaves called in Malayalam?

kotthi malli

Is parsley Malli and corriander leaves are the samem Parsely is different from corrianderm Malli is corriander in Tamil which is which and good for cleaning the kidney?


When was Malli Malli Chudali created?

Malli Malli Chudali was created on 2002-03-28.

What is rosemary leaves in tagalog?

it means in tagalog ROSA MARIA

When was Jathi Malli created?

Jathi Malli was created in 1993.

When was Malli - film - created?

Malli - film - was created in 1998.

What is the duration of Malli film?

The duration of Malli - film - is 1.5 hours.

When was Sivappu Malli created?

Sivappu Malli was created on 1981-08-12.

When was Yunus Malli born?

Yunus Malli was born on 1992-02-24.

When was Walter Malli born?

Walter Malli was born in 1940, in Graz, Austria.