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"Si Ama" by Edgardo Reyes talks about a father who is independent. He took good care with his 6 siblings since they're already orphan. He studied and finished seventh grade. He courted a woman and asked for marriage but the parents of the woman demanded lots of things. He did not fulfill all the demands. The woman and "si ama" decided to run away from the parents. They have four children. There was a time that the children suffered from hunger so the mother decided to borrow money from the neighbors. When the father knew it, he scolded his wife and told her that this is their problem and she should not include the neighbors. When the children grew up and decided to marry, the father and mother is still in the province. The children had been successful in life. They decided to visit their parents and let them stay in their houses but the father did not agree since he's already contented with the tiny house. After how many years, they found out that their father is already dead because of being old, they decided to spend their money to have expensive burial of their mother told them that their father will not agree on this since their father already saved money for his own burial. So, the siblings were not able to contradict the decision and respected the burial of their father.

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Q: What is the summary of Si Ama by Edgardo Reyes?
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