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Q: What is the simillarities and differences of ilocos kalinga and ifugao textiles?
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What are the differences between Ilocos Kalinga and Ifugao Textiles?

nye nye nye nye

What are the Similarities of ilocos kalinga and ifugao textile?

Kalinga similarities Compared to kalinga cloth, ifugao Loincloth are less colorful and darker in color

What are examples of tribes?

Ifugao Tribe - they are from Southeast asia who migrated to the KALINGA-APAYAO .

What are the economy of cordillera administrative region?

benguet,ifugao,abra,baguio,mountain province,kalinga,la trinidad,

give the following cultural design in luzon?

kalinga design bontoc design ifugao design gaddang design

What are the differences of ilocos clothkalinga cloth and ifugao cloth?

its about clothing and dancing!

What are the similarities of Ifugao?

there similarities are they all have folk designs

Ano anu ang mga pangunahing wika na ginagamit sa rehiyong luzon?

tagalog bikol hiligaynon iloko itneg kankanaey kalungay ibaloi ifugao kalinga\pangasina bolinao sambal

What are the tribal group found in cordillera regions?

Collectively they are known as 'Igorot' . They are also grouped into a number of ethnic or ethno-linguistic identities, such as Apayao or Isneg, Tinggian, Kalinga, Bontoc, Kankanaey, Ibaloy, Ifugao, and Bago.

What is the similarities of ilocos kalinga ifugao textile?

awan ko

What are the history and traditions of ifugao and kalinga?

qTheir supreme idol was Kabunyan or Kadaklan, ³ The greatest '. The mean kabunyan is ³ The dedication was made for him ' q qKidul - God of thunder. q qKidlat - god of lightning q qDumanig - powerful compelling month or month to split the couple days or Haggai. q qConsidered the god of Kalinga the sun and the moon.

What is the population of Ifugao?

Ifugao's population is 180,711.