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stealing pagnanakaw kinuha niya ang mansanas pag ka tapox non ay nilgay niya sa bag niya and then ibinigay nia sa anak niyang c katha

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Q: What is the meaning of measly apples?
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What is the meaning of measly?

Infected with measles., Containing larval tapeworms; -- said of pork and beef.

How do you use the word measly in a sentence?

The portions of food were measly.He was measly compared to the ferocious bear.He stood at a measly five feet.

What is measly?

Measly usually means scanty, insufficient, not enough. "I worked all day for him and he only gave me a measly five bucks." It probably originated from the word for someone suffering from measles.

How can you use measly in a sentence?

Despite his best efforts, he could only earn a measly amount of money at his part-time job.

What is the meaning of the phrase apples to apples comparison?

There is an expression "like comparing apples to oranges," which is used of false comparisons and inaccurate analogies. "Apples to apples" comparison would mean comparing things that really are similar.

What is the meaning of an apple nursery?

something that takes care of apples

What would Mars' radius be if it was shrunk by 96 percent?

Mars's radius would be a measly 86.4 miles (139 km), meaning it would be unable to maintain its hydrostatic equilibrium.

How do you spell meessly as in a small amount?

It is spelled 'measly'.

What is the meaning of dried?

of Day. Also adj.; as, dried apples., of Dry

What does Going apples and pears mean?

In Cockney rhyming slang - apples means 'stairs'.Read more at:apples-rhyming-slang

What is the code for horrible histories measly middle ages?


What is the mystical meaning of apples?

It means they are fat and banana-like. I LOVE PIE