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Q: What is the meaning of germ spot?
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What is the germ spot in a chicken egg?

its the germ,i not sure.hehe

What are the black spot in grits are they bugs?

Corn germ

What is the meaning of wheat germ in Tamil?

Wheat germ in Tamil is called "கோதுமை பொடி உளுத்தம்" (Kothumai podi ulutham).

Four letter word that starts with g meaning the start of an idea?


What is the medical term meaning germ cell from which blood vessels develop?


What germ layer is defined to become the inner lining of body organs?

The endoderm is the germ layer that will become the inner lying of the body cavity as well as on the surface of the organs. Meaning of endoderm is: Endo- = within, plus derm = germ or from.

Is spot a noun?

It can be a noun, meaning a speck, coloration, stain, or location. It can also be a verb, to spot, meaning to notice.

Why do Germ exsists?

For the same reason all thing exsist.. (meaning of life any one?)

What is the meaning of sterilant?

to sterilize means to make it germ- free

What is the medical term meaning germ or sex cell?

A gamete is the same thing as the sperm and the egg. It comes from the Greek word meaning spouse. When the two gametes get together, they form a zygote, which will develop into a new individual.

Which phyla have only two germ layers?

Phyla that have only two germ layers are Cnidaria and Ctenophora. These phyla are considered diploblastic, meaning they develop from two embryonic germ layers: endoderm and ectoderm. organs. This is in contrast to triploblastic animals, which have three germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm).

What is a germ spot in an egg?

The germinal spot is that small (2-3mm diameter) white dot on an egg yolk. If the egg has been fertilized, the germinal spot is where the baby chick will start to grow.