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mga tanga lng ang mag answer nito maga bobobob

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Q: What is the meaning of exclamatory system?
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What is cthe meaning of exclamatory?

Containing, expressing, or using exclamation; as, an exclamatory phrase or speaker.

What is the meaning of exlamatory?

"Exclamatory" is a remark that exclaims something.

What is the function of the exclamatory system?

The function of the exclamatory system is to convey strong emotions, such as excitement, surprise, or anger. It is used to emphasize a statement or express heightened feelings.

What is the meaning of exclamatory language?

its a short cut or doctors language

How many kilograms are there in 8 lbs?

exclamatory system

What is exclamatory system?

An exclamatory system is a linguistic feature where a language has a dedicated set of grammatical structures for forming exclamative sentences, those expressing strong emotions or exclamations. This system often involves specific words, intonation patterns, or punctuation to indicate the exclamatory nature of the statement.

Ouch that hurts is this declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?


What letter is an exclamatory?

no letters are exclamatory, but there is exclamatory puntuation = "!"

What are the most common diseases of the exclamatory system?

Nothing, exclamatory means the the use of exclamation, or saying something loud. You could have meant the excretory or repository system, which for that are kidney cancer, asthma, lung cancer, AIDS, and tuberculosis

Use the word exclamatory in a sentence?

his sentences were not Exclamatory. The news was exclamatory for everyone.

A sentence with the word exclamatory?

exclamatory sentence is very useful. You left him there? Real Exclamatory.

How do you spell exclamatory?

Exclamatory is the correct spelling.