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The word "centric" means centered round or focused on.

Thus something that is Euro Centric is focused on Europe, while something that is Asian means that it pertains th the continent of Asia,

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Q: What is the meaning of Asian and Euro centric?
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What is the similarities of euro centric and Asian centric views?

Both gave their own contributions, Both argue in what is right and wrong, Both want fame and fortune.

What is Asian-centric in tagalog?

"Orihinal na pook na Asyano"

Paghambingin ang pananaw euro-centric at asian-centric?

pag-aaral tungkol sa kabuhayan ng asya

What is the meaning of Asian centric?

Gives value to the role of shaping their Asian history and culture. With this insight, they can emphasize things and ideas that was originated in Asia in the fields of philosophy, regional, mathematics, medicine, government systems and technologies

Asian-centric point of view?

The Asian-centric point of view is a view that some aspects of Asian thought are superior to others. Because of this, Asian ideologies in literature, government, society, ethics, and family values should be considered as something to adopt universally.

When was Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges created?

Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges was created in 1995.

Are my answers removed because they go against white supremacy and euro centric science?

No they aren't.

What is a euro-centric map?

Map of world that has Europe in the center and Americas left, Asia right

Why do some people think that the term Middle East is Euro centric?

"Middle east" is inherently Euro-centric, as it refers to how far the area is from Europe. The Middle East is between the "Near East," around Turkey, and the "Far East," which encompasses all of eastern Russia and Asia.

Asian centric in tagalog?

Asian centric means in Tagalog or Filipino is "pananaw na ginamit sa pag-aaral ng Asya gamit ang konseptong Asyano."

What is Euro-Asian?

I think you mean eurasian? It's a person of mixed heritage being part Asian and part European

What is Asian centric in tagalog?

"Pinagyayaman ng makabagong kultura ng Asya" is typically used to describe an Asian-centric approach in Tagalog.