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Q: What is the maranao translation ng long live and mabuhay?
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What is mabuhay in pangasinense ilonggo waray bicolano maranao and tausug?

In Pangasinense, mabuhay means "welcome" or "cheers." In Ilonggo, it means "long live" or "may you live." In Waray, it means "good health" or "alive." In Bicolano, it means "live" or "to be alive." In Maranao and Tausug, mabuhay translates as "salam" or "long live."

What is mabuhay mean in Tagalog?

"Mabuhay" in Tagalog means "long live" or "welcome". It is often used as a greeting or well-wish for someone.

What you mean by mabuhay in Tagalog?

"Mabuhay" in Tagalog means "to live" or "long live." It is a common greeting in the Philippines used to express good wishes or welcome.

Translation of the word mabuhay in different languages?

It would be helpful if you tell us what language the word mabuhay is.

How do you say long live in Filipino?

"Long live" in Filipino is "Mabuhay."

Translation of the word mabuhay in different languages in Brazilian?

In Brazilian Portuguese, the word "mabuhay" does not have a direct translation. It is a Filipino word that is used as a greeting or well-wishing expression, similar to saying "welcome" or "long live" in English.

What is mabuhay in an Indian language?

"Mabuhay" is a Filipino greeting that translates to "welcome" or "long live." It is not a term in an Indian language.

What is the meaning of tagalog expression mabuhayin English?

The Tagalog expression "mabuhay" translates to "long live" or "to live" in English. It is commonly used as a greeting or expression of well wishes.

What does the Tagalog word Mabuhay mean?

The Tagalog word "mabuhay" means "long live" or "welcome" in English. It is often used as a greeting or well-wish in Filipino culture.

What does Mabuhay kayong lahat mean?

"Mabuhay kayong lahat" is a Filipino expression that translates to "Long live all of you" or "Cheers to all of you" in English. It is a common way to greet or acknowledge a group of people.

What does mabuhay mean in English?

"Mabuhay" is a Filipino greeting that can be translated as "welcome," "long live," or "cheers." It is commonly used to greet someone or to express well-wishes.

What is mabuhay term in Bicolano?

Sorry lol. my keyboard is crazy! To answer this question. We say Mabuhay kamo instead of kayo.. because kayo is a tagalog term. Kamo is Bicolandia term for them/they . If we are addressing a few we will say kamo. If we are addressing an entire groups of people we say Mabuhay kamo gabos (plural). Gabos meaning everyone/everything. To foreigners wondering what Mabuhay is. It means Long Live to you (singular) or long live to all of you. (plural) Mabuhay Ka = singular. Mabuhay kamo = said to a few people you know. Mabuhay kamo gabos/Mabuhay sa gabos or Mabuhay saindo gabos = addressed to entire groups people or a huge crowd. I hope this is clearer now haha. Proud Bicolana