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mga weak kayo hahahahaha hindi joke lng ang discription ng mulching ay hindi ko alam katulad nyu wlng alam.

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Q: What is the description of mulching?
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What is the actual time to remove mulching?

I never remove mulching, simply add more on top. Previous mulching layers will break down naturally.

Do they reccommend mulching lawns and how much?

When they recommend mulching lawns, what is usually meant is using a mulching lawn mower. The grass clippings break down and feed the existing grass. The more often the lawn is fed, mulch, the better it will be.

Are mulching lawn mowers available at home improvement stores?

You can purchase mulching lawn mowers at any home improvement store, as well as retailers like Walmart. To be even more environmentally effective, consider an electric mulching lawn mower!

What has the author Theodore R Horning written?

Theodore R. Horning has written: 'Stubble mulching in the Northwest' -- subject(s): Stubble mulching, Tillage, Research

Who makes task force mulching mowers?


Landscaping terms that begin with 'M'?

Mowing, mulching, maintainence...

Does it have a mulcher on craftsman model no917.378870?

yes where can I buy the mulching blade

What helps reduce erosion by creating level areas for crops?


What is the part that covers the hole where the grass comes out of the mower?

Mulching plug.

Does mulching a vegetable garden help reduce weeding?

i believe so

Should you mulch or remove grass when cutting?

Mulching the grass can double as a fertilizer.

Do mulching leaves in fall help the grass?

yes mulching leaves in the fall does help the grass because just like any plant compost is good (compost=a decomposible substance such as other plants or egg shells but no meat). mulching leaves beaks them up allowing them to decompose faster therefore making the grass more fretile then allowing it to become greener and better looking.