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  1. kaya nga diba ng tanong ako kng anuh ang sagut
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Q: What is the context clue for the word pestle?
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What are context clues of pestle?

context clues of pestle

What type of context cluWhat type of context clue is used to help you define the word eliminatee is used to help you define the word eliminate?

Definition clue - a context clue that directly provides the meaning of the word.

What is a context clue for the word singe?

A context clue for singe is "The grill singed the hair off of my arms."

What are the context clues for the word pestle?

Context clues for the word "pestle" could include phrases or descriptions related to grinding, crushing, pounding, or pulverizing ingredients or substances. These clues might be found in sentences mentioning mortar and pestle sets, traditional medicine preparation, or cooking techniques that involve the use of a grinding tool.

Which context clue is used for the word ADEPT?


What is the context clue for the word illuminated?

The context clue for the word "illuminated" could be a description of something being brightly lit up or made more visible by light.

What is the context clue of healthy?

I think you misunderstand context clues. They are clues within a sentence or paragraph that gives clues to the meaning of a word. Your question takes the word "healthy" out of context and what you seem to want is a definition of the word.

What context clue can be use to determine the word marsupials?

The most logical context clue to determine the word marsupials would be a reference to an abdominal pouch in which the young joeys are raised.

What type of context clue for repining is the word shining?

The word "shining" is an example of a synonym context clue for "repining" because it suggests a similar meaning of "expressing discontent or longing".

What type of context clue is used for the word gelatinous?

The type of context clue used for the word "gelatinous" is a definition clue. This is because the sentence likely provides a definition or explanation of what "gelatinous" means, helping the reader understand its meaning.

What is the framework of a meaning which surrounds a specific word sentence idea or passage?

context or context clue

A definition context clue is?

A definition context clue provides a direct explanation or description of an unfamiliar word within the sentence or passage. This type of clue helps readers understand the meaning of the word based on how it is used in the text.