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bakit ako ang sasagot ako nga ang nagtatanong eh

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aba'y basahin mo ang buong kwento para malaman mo

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Q: What is the conflict of the Laarni a dream?
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Who are the main character in laarni a dream story?

The main characters in "Laarni: A Dream Story" by Loreto Paras Sulit are Laarni, the protagonist, and Elin, her boyfriend who helps her discover her inner voice and pursuit of her dreams. The story follows Laarni's journey of self-discovery and the challenges she faces in pursuing her dream of becoming a writer in a society that expects her to conform to traditional roles.

What is the lesson of laarni a dream?

hindi ko alam

Why is the entitled laarni a dream?

"Entitled Laarni" can be seen as a dream because it represents a desire or aspiration that may not be fully grounded in reality. It could reflect a sense of entitlement or unrealistic expectations that one has. The term "dream" here is used metaphorically to describe the fantasy-like nature of Laarni's entitled attitude.

What is the climax in the story laarni-a dream?

when maharlika rescued laarni from li ho weng

What is the synopsis of Laarni a dream?

ewan, tinatanong nga eh. engot ka?

Where is the setting of laarni-a dream?

the setting of the story is in the BARANGAY.. i hope u will think about it....

What is the moral lesson of laarni a dream?

hindi ko alam

Where is the setting of Laarni a dream?

the setting of the story is in the BARANGAY.. i hope u will think about it....

What is the vocabulary of the samarry story laarni a dream?

The vocabulary used in the short story "Laarni – A Dream" by Loreto Paras-Sulit includes common Filipino words and phrases, as well as descriptive language to convey the feelings and emotions of the characters. The story captures the nuances of Filipino culture and the dreams and aspirations of the protagonist, Laarni.

What is the printed copy of laarni a dream by loreto paras-sulit?

Answer was a complete copy of the story which is copyright.

Who are the characters of laarni a dream?

freeman laarni/princess laarni maginoo mataas/rajah mataas li ho weng chinese mandarin rajah bayani maharlika slaves ean Lang pO aLam kO .. sana makatuLOng sainyO !

Who wrote the story of Laarni a dream?

The story "Laarni - A Dream" was written by Filipino author Loreto Paras-Sulit. It is a short story that explores themes of love, sacrifice, and dreams.