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Tagalog: Maganda

Translation in Chavacano in its respective dialects as follows....

1. Zamboangueño: Bonita (common term) syn. guapa (uncommon) and for masculine it is simply "Guapo", refer to person. if its refer to thing(s) its "bonito" while refer to an event or happenings its "vale".

2. Bahra

3. Caviteñ

4. Ermiteño

5. Cotabateñ

6. Castellano Abakay

by: Acer_Cyle/Arondayot

Soy Orgulloso De Ser Zamboangueño - Filipino

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Q: What is the chavacano translation maganda?
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What is the chavano of maganda?

The English translation of "maganda" in Chavacano is "bonito" for masculine form, and "bonita" for feminine form.

What is the word maganda in chavacano dialect?

In Chavacano dialect, the word "maganda" translates to "bonita" which means beautiful or pretty.

What is the translation of thank you in chavacano?

The translation of "thank you" in Chavacano is "gracias".

What is you're welcome in chavacano translation?

The translation of "You're welcome" in Chavacano is "De nada."

What is the translation of maganda in ifugao?

The translation of "maganda" (beautiful) in Ifugao is "lenawa."

What is maganda in bicolano?

"Magayon" is the Bicolano translation for "beautiful" or "nice."

What is the tagalog translation of chavacano word sabak?

The Tagalog translation of the Chavacano word "sabak" is "sumalakay" or "pumasok nang bigla."

What is the translation of lunch in chavacano de Zamboanga?

The translation of lunch in Chavacano de Zamboanga is "tampug".

What is the chavacano translation of i miss you?

The Chavacano translation of "I miss you" is "Te echo de menos."

What is meaning of gorgeous in tagalog?

Tagalog translation of GORGEOUS: maganda

What is the chavacano translation of love you so much?

The Chavacano translation of "love you so much" is "basta ya lang ama tu."

What is the Tagalog translation of cute?