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Tagalog of consider: isaalang-alang

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Q: What is the Tagalog language of consider?
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I want to learn some Tagalog for free where can I find it?

You can find free Tagalog language resources online on websites like Duolingo, Babbel, or YouTube channels dedicated to teaching Tagalog. Additionally, you can check local libraries for Tagalog language books or consider joining language exchange programs to practice with native speakers.

What is the Tagalog translation of language?

The Tagalog translation of "language" is "wika."

What is the tagalog of consider?

The Tagalog word for "consider" is "isaalang-alang" or "tingnan."

What is mistletoe in Tagalog language?

Mistletoe is called "tingang" in Tagalog language.

What is Tagalog in answer?

Tagalog is an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by a quarter of the population of the Philippines. It is the basis of the Filipino language, which is the official language of the country.

What is dimension in tagalog language?

The word "dimension" in Tagalog language is "dimensyon" or "sukat."

What is immensely in tagalog?

The word "immensely" can be translated to "labis" or "sobrang" in Tagalog.

What is non tagalog aunique?

the unique tagalog proverb are the verbs with tagalog language

What means fortress in Tagalog language?

Fortress in Tagalog is "kalakalan."

What is the abbreviation in Tagalog?

The abbreviation for Tagalog is "TL," which stands for "Tagalog Language."

Are Filipino and Tagalog languages the same?

Filipino and Tagalog are related but not exactly the same. Tagalog is the basis of the Filipino language, which is the official language of the Philippines. Filipino incorporates words from other Philippine languages and English, making it more inclusive than Tagalog.

What is guts in tagalog?

"Guts" in Tagalog can be translated as "tapang" or "katapangan."