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Q: What is the English of iniinggit ako nila di ako nakasama sa pag akyat sa bundok ngayon?
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Translate the following phrase Ano angginagawa mo ngayon to English?

What are you doing today?

Translate in English anu ginagawa mo ngayon?

Anung ngaun

What is 'I am really pissed off right now' when translated from English to Tagalog?

The translation of "I am really pissed off right now" from English to Tagalog is "Galit na galit talaga ako ngayon".

Larawan ng kapaligiran noon at ngayon?

noon malinis ngayon madumi

When was Balita Ngayon created?

Balita Ngayon was created in 1986.

What is the duration of Failon Ngayon?

The duration of Failon Ngayon is 1800.0 seconds.

When did Balita Ngayon end?

Balita Ngayon ended on 1987-02-27.

When was Pilipino Star Ngayon created?

Pilipino Star Ngayon was created in 1986.

When was Failon Ngayon created?

Failon Ngayon was created on 2009-10-24.

How do you say today in tagalog?

The word "today" in Tagalog is "ngayon" for present time. However, if you are referring to "today" specifically, you can say "ngayong araw" or "ngayon."

When was Iba-Balita Ngayon created?

Iba-Balita Ngayon was created on 2011-03-07.

Bilang ng populasyon sa ngayon 2008?

bilang ng populasyon sa ngayon 2008