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Q: What is the English Version of Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal?
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What does bakit labis kitang mahal mean?

It means, "Why do I love you so much?"

What movie and television projects has Bimbo Bautista been in?

Bimbo Bautista has: Played Brother of alma moreno in "Mahal ko ang mister mo" in 1991. Performed in "Guwapings: The First Adventure" in 1992. Played Benjie in "Bakit labis kitang mahal" in 1992. Played Jun in "May minamahal" in 1993. Performed in "Bulag, pipi at bingi" in 1993. Played Toffy in "Hindi magbabago" in 1994.

When was Attilio Labis born?

Attilio Labis was born in 1936.

When did Landing at Labis happen?

Landing at Labis happened in 1964.

When was Labis Livieratos born?

Labis Livieratos was born on March 5, 1966.

What is the birth name of Labis Livieratos?

Labis Livieratos's birth name is Haralambos Livieratos.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bakit labis kitang mahal - 1992?

The cast of Bakit labis kitang mahal - 1992 includes: Sandy Andolong as Marita Bimbo Bautista as Benjie Eric Cayetano as Ronnie Chin Chin Gutierrez as Cynthia Mon Confiado as Roel Aga Muhlach as Tommy Barbara Perez as Cita Ariel Rivera as David Gloria Romero Lea Salonga as Sandy Noel Trinidad as Arturo Mary Walter as Lola Guelay

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What is the Tagalog of redundant?

The Tagalog term for "redundant" is "labis-labis" or "sobrasobrang."

What is tagalog translation of conflicts of interest?

The Tagalog translation of "conflicts of interest" is "labis na interes" or "labis na kagustuhan".

What is immensely in tagalog?

The word "immensely" can be translated to "labis" or "sobrang" in Tagalog.

What is radical in tagalog?

The word "radical" in Tagalog can be translated as "radikal" or "labis."