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i sex change simply means "pagpalit ng kasarian" in Tagalog.
- itoy pagpapalit ng kasarian mula lalaki papuntang babae o babae papuntang lalaki.

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Q: What is tagalog of go sex change and give the meaning in tagalog?
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What is unravel in tagalog?

The Tagalog word for "unravel" is "tanggalin."

Why cant sum women give birth?

they had a sex change.

What is the meaning of kantot?

"Kantot" is a Filipino slang term that refers to sexual intercourse or having sex. It is considered to be a vulgar and explicit term in Tagalog.

Meaning of premarital sex in tagalog?

Ang premarital sex sa Tagalog ay kilala bilang "pakikiapid bago ang kasal." Ito ay ang gawain ng pagtatalik bago ang pag-iisang dibdib o pagsasama sa legal na kasal.

What is the meaning of giving bed sheet to your boyfriend?

THAT YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't, don't give him bed sheets

Can a guy with a sex change get pregnant?

No. A sex change only modifies the appearance of the external sexual organs. It does not give the complex body parts or hormonal actions needed to carry a baby to term.

Does tongue piercing have any significant meaning?

A tongue ring means you give oral sex on men. If you have two tingue peircings it means your give oral sex on women. Its just a clique thing i guess.

How can you give full satisfaction during sex?

There is no magic answer to this question the circumstances change every time.

Can males give birth?

yes, if a girl gets pregnant and then has a sex change while pregnant

Can you get in trouble for sex if the girl is leagal now?

Yes, if you had sex before she could legally give consent that was a crime and does not change because she gets older.

What does T mean as a sexual description?

"T" means trans-gender, meaning an individual who has undergone a sex change surgery.

What do they give men - who are having a sex change - to make their breasts grow?

Generally they give estrogen to encourage breast growth and reduce facial hair.