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Q: What is tagalog fennel bulb?
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How much fennel seed equals one fennel bulb?

1 teaspoon

How do you slice fennel bulb? Well, here's your answer bub.

What do you do with anise bulb?

If you have a bulb that is labeled an anise bulb, it is likely fennel. Anise has seeds. However, it does taste similar to fennel and in some areas fennel bulbs are called anise bulbs. You slice the anise bulb up to use in recipes where you want the flavor. Cut the root part off and throw it away and remove the fronds before slicing, or chopping the bulb.

How much on average does a fennel bulb weigh?

235 grams (8.3 ounces).

What Rhymes With Kennel?

Fennel- A plant, Foeniculum vulgare, of the parsley family; The bulb, leaves, or stalks of the plant, eaten as a vegetable; The seeds of the fennel plant used as a spice in cooking

How do I prepare fennel in a salad?

You can eat the bulb, stalks, and leaves. Cut the stalks away from the bulb at the place where they meet. If you are not going to use the intact bulb in a recipe, then first cut it in half, remove the base, and then rinse it with water before cutting it further. You can cut fennel in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending upon the recipe and your personal preference. The best way to cut it is to slice it vertically through the bulb. If your recipe requires you to cube, dice, or julienne fennel, it is best to first remove the harder core in the center before cutting it. You can use the stalks of the fennel for soups, stocks, and stews, and you can use the leaves as an herb seasoning.

What is similar taste to fennel?

fennel bulb taste a little like black licorice, the leaves do too only less . Its a fresh clean taste. Give it a taste before you use it .

What is red fennel?

Fennel is a versatile, large, clump-forming perennial herb from the Mediterranean that has been valued for cooking since Ancient Roman times and earlier. Its seeds have a pungent anise flavor and are used as a common spice. In fact, they lend the predominant flavor in Italian sausage. Vegetable, or bulb fennel cultivars develop large, bulbous bases that have the crisp texture of celery and a mild anise flavor. Bulb fennel is a traditional ingredient in Mediterranean cooking and may be eaten cooked or fresh.

Can rabbits eat fennel?

Yes, fennel is safe for rabbits to eat. Fennel greens are healthy and can be included in the rotation of daily "salad" greens. Fennel bulb is high in sugars and should either be avoided or only offered as a treat (a bite or two every now and again should be fine). See the related question below for more info about a healthy rabbit diet.

Does fennel seeds come from fennel?

Fennel seeds do come from the fennel plant. The bulbs, foliage, and seeds of the fennel plant can be eaten.

Can you eat Fennel?

Fennel is not a vegetable; it is a herb.

How to Enjoy Fennel?

Fennel is one of those stranger vegetables that many people feel unsure of, don't know what it is, not sure how it tastes or how it is supposed to taste, and don't realize that it is an especially great nutrient rich food that is perfect during it's fall prevalent season.The Fennel HistoryFennel is not a new kind of vegetable but as old as the hills, having been grown and used in Europe, the Near East and Mediterranean areas since ancient times. In Greek myths, fennel carried coal that was said to have passed along the knowledge of the gods to people! You can imagine that the early Greeks and Romans loved the fennel for both food and medicinal uses.One of the confusion areas if that people wonder about the difference between fennel and anise. True, they are similar in taste that they both resemble a licorice taste. However botanically they are both different plants. One big difference is that with fennel the whole plant is eaten--the bulb, the fronds and the stalks, but with anise, it is mostly just the seeds. Fennel is related to carrots, parsley, dill and coriander.The Fennel Health ParticularsFennel can be enjoyed raw as part of the new trend to eating healthy raw vegetables and fruits. Blend or process one fennel with the leaves and bulb, 2 nice oranges, a small bunch of baby green leaves like spinach or romaine, and add water or ice to desired consistency.When you want to prepare a fennel plant know that all the base or bulb, the stalks and leaves can be used. You can cut the stalks off where they meet the bulb. When using the bulb, rinse, and the best way to cut it is to cut vertically through the bulb. If you want to chop that up, the easiest way is to first take out the center hard core.The antioxidants. Fennel has many wonderful phytonutrients that give it powerful antioxidant abilities. It has flavanoids, rutin, quercitin, and glycosides. One of the most important make up of fennel is anethole. This has been shown in studies to both reduce inflammation and help prevent cancer. Researchers have even proposed that the way this anehtole works is to shut down and prevent certain gene altering molecules to activate. Even additional to this amazing work, the anethole has also been shown to have ability to protect the liver from toxic chemicals.Fennel is a wonderful source of Vitamin C, excellent then for those cold and flu prone weather.Fennel is a great source of fiber which is helpful for good colon health and a boon to help prevent color cancer.Fennel also has great B-vitamin folates, potassium.Fantastic Fennel DishesThe Fennel Fish with Fennel SauceUse a nice white fish like halibut fillets. For 4 people marinate your 4 fish fillets in a plastic bag in the fridge for 1 hour with a combination of: 1 teaspoon lemon rind and lemon juice each, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 teaspoons crushed fennel seeds and seasonings to taste. Meanwhile combine 1 cup of plain yogurt (Greek is nice) with 1/2 cup shredded fennel bulb, 2 teaspoons of chopped fennel fronts, 1 clove of chopped garlic or to taste, seasonings to taste. Refrigerate. Remove your fish from the marinade and bake broil or grill. Serve with fennel yogurt.