What is okir a bay?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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bayag ng sandata mo .

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Q: What is okir a bay?
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What is the design of maranao?

okir a datu and okir a bay! by: venjovi b. pondevida

What is the okir?

The okir is a design tradition practiced by the Muslims in southern Philippines. Okir designs, often rendered in hardwood and brass, depict animals, plants and mythical figures in highly decorative, long curvilinear lines and secondary arabesques.

What is the distinctive design in maranao?


What does okir or okkil mean?

ewan ko

What is okir?

is distinctive design of the MARANAOS of Lanao.

What is the meaning of okir a datu?

burat ko ang sandata nila

What is the meaning of the okir?

burat ko ang sandata nila

What kind of design does okir a datu does not include?

Okir a datu design does not include geometric shapes or patterns. It primarily consists of flowing and curvilinear motifs inspired by nature such as vines, leaves, and tendrils, often seen in the indigenous art of the Maranao people in the Philippines.

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