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I were wrong about knowing you.

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Q: What is nililibugan ako syo in English?
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What does ako ibigin mean in English?

ako ibigin = I love

What is 'creative license' when translated from English to French?

License (permission) poétique about artistic modifications and license (permission) de distribution et réutilisation about modern-day media copyrighting are French equivalents of the English phrase "creative license." The respective pronunciations will be "lee-sawnss (per-mee-syo) pwy-teek" and "lee-sawnss (per-mee-syo) duh dee-stree-byoo-syo-ney rey-yoo-tee-lee-za-syo" in French.

What does ako mean in English?

well in samoa the word ako means bag and you have to introduce that to your siblings so in english ako mean you have to respect what youve made

How do you say in English 'Namimiss mo ako'?

Namimiss mo ako = Do you miss me?

What is the English term for ako?

the term is "me"

What is in English in Alis Na ako Kanina pa kasi ako dito?

English Translation of ALIS NA AKO. KANINA PA KASI AKO DITO: I'll go now. I've been here a while ago.

What does nakakarelate ako mean in Tagalog?

English translation of NAKAKARELATE AKO: I can relate

What is the English for 'Namimiss mo ako'?

"Namimiss mo ako?" pertains presumptive thought, anyway it's equivalent expression in English would be "Did you miss me?".

What is the English of sana di mo na ako pinaasa?

English translation of sana di mo ako pinaasa: I hope that you didn't lead me on.

What is the meaning of naawa ako sa kanya?

English translation of naawa ako sa kanya: I pity him.

What is 'delicious' when translated from English to Spanish?

The singular deliciosa and the plural deliciosasin the feminine and the singular delicioso and the plural deliciosos in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English word "delicious." The choice depends upon the gender and number being considered "delicious." The respective pronunciations will be "DEY-lee-THYO-sa" ("DEY-lee-SYO-sa" in Latin America) and "DEY-lee-THYO-sas" ("DEY-lee-SYO-sas") in the feminine and "DEY-lee-THYO-so" ("DEY-lee-SYO-so") and "DEY-lee-THYO-sos" ("DEY-lee-SYO-sos") in the masculine in Spanish.

What is the english term of hindi ako katupad ng ibang babae?

The English translation of "ako katupad ng ibang babae? " is that I eloped with another woman?