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Q: What is nanalasa in English like Nanalasa ang bagyong Pedring sa Aurora?
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What direction did bagyong sendong form?

Bagyong Sendong formed in the Western Pacific Ocean basin.

What is the effect of bagyong sendong?

Bagyong Sendong, also known as Tropical Storm Washi, caused widespread flooding and landslides in the Philippines in 2011. The storm resulted in over 1,000 fatalities and significant damage to infrastructure and homes in affected areas, particularly in Mindanao. It highlighted the vulnerability of certain regions to extreme weather events.

Ano ang mga dumating na bagyo sa pilipinas noong 2000-2012?

Mga Bagyong Dumating sa Pilipinas noong 2009

What calamities bagyong ondoy bring here in the Philippines?

erosion, landslide, flahflood, heavy rain, class suspension, death, crimes, another storm and many more

Plan of action for typhoon ondoy?

Ensure personal safety by following evacuation orders if necessary. Secure essentials like food, water, and medicines. Stay updated with official announcements and remain indoors during the storm. After the typhoon passes, check on neighbors and report any emergencies to authorities.

Halimbawa ng pangungusap na opinyon?

1.)Siguro may bagyong darating dahil makulimlim ang langit.2.)Sabi-sabi ng matatanda na may mga multo.3.) Ang mga bitwin ay sumasayaw.4.)Ang mga ibon ay nagsasalita.5.)Ang bata ay naging pagong.

Ilan ang bagyong dumadaan sa pilipinas kada taon?

Sa average, may mga 20 bagyo na dumaraan sa Pilipinas kada taon. Subalit hindi lahat ay nakakaapekto ng malaki sa bansa. Ang iba ay madalang magdulot ng malawakang pinsala.

What is lantay?

Lantay -- nasa anyong payak ang pang-uring nagsasaad ng katangian ng pangngalan o panghalip. Halimbawa -- Masaya Ang Aking Magulang Dahil Nakasali Ako Sa paligsahan . Pahambing -- Ito'y mga pang-uring ginagamit sa pagtutulad ng dalawang pangngalan, panghalip, lunan o pangyayari. Maari itong magkatulad o di- magkatulad . a.Magkatulad -- Gumagamit ito ng mga panlapi o katagang. ( ka , magka , sing , kasing , magsing , makasing . Halimbawa -- Magkasinglakas ang bagyong ondoy at bagyong hagubat . b. Di - magkatulad -- Gumagamit ito ng mga panlapi o katagang ( di-kasing , lalo , di-gaano o di-gasino , kaysa , mas , higit . Halimbawa -- Di-gaano kalakas ngayon ang ulan kaysa kahapon. Pasukdol -- Ito'y nagpapakita ng kasukdulang antas ng pang-uri . Ginagamitan ito ng mga panlapi o katagang ( napaka , pinaka , lubha , ubod , hari , labis , sakdal . ) Halimbawa -- Ubod ng saya si maya kasi siya ay natangab sa kanyang bagong trabaho . Napakatangkad ni jason .

Plano at programa ni pangulong Aquino?

Ang plano at programa ni dating Pangulong Aquino ay nakatuon sa tuwid na daan, good governance, anti-corruption, economic reform, at social services. Ilan sa mga programa niya ay ang Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, K-12 education reform, at public-private partnerships para sa infrastructure development. Isa rin siya sa mga nagtataguyod ng modernization ng military at peace talks sa Mindanao.

What are the top ten typhoon prone areas in the Philippines?

Some of the top typhoon-prone areas in the Philippines include Batanes, Cagayan Valley, Bicol Region, Eastern Visayas, Calabarzon, Mimaropa, Central Visayas, Caraga, Northern Mindanao, and Davao Region. These regions are frequently affected by typhoons due to their geographical location in the typhoon belt of the Pacific Ocean.

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When was the greatest disaster in Manila?

On Sept. 27, 2009. Bagyong Ondoy brought floods in the whole Luzon area here's a news clip from yahoo.. MANILA (AFP) - - At least 51 people were killed and more than 250,000 displaced after tropical storm Ketsana dumped the heaviest rainfall on the Philippine capital in more than four decades, officials said Sunday. Desperate residents were stranded on rooftops after the nine-hour deluge on Saturday turned Manila's highways into raging rivers that swept away shanties and cars. "This is the worst (flooding) that I have seen," Defence Secretary Gilberto Teodoro, who is heading the rescue efforts, said as he announced that 51 people had been confirmed killed with at least 21 still missing The deluge left some areas of the sprawling city of 12 million people under up to six metres (20 feet) of water, forcing the government to declare a "state of calamity" that allowed authorities to use emergency funds. More than 4,000 people have been rescued, either plucked by army helicopters from their homes or by rubber boats but many remained stranded on Sunday afternoon. "If you are on the roof, don't try to leave. Just remain there and we will do everything to rescue you," Teodoro said in a radio broadcast. In suburban Pasig city however, panicked residents were seen wading dangerously through neck-deep waters hoisting their children and belongings above their heads. Amid the chaos, hospitals in the eastern part of the city were evacuated, while telephone and power lines were cut, officials said. One of Manilas three airport terminals was also closed on Saturday, affecting several flights and stranding hundreds of passengers. Teodoro said the storm had displaced nearly 280,000 people in Manila and five outlying provinces, with more than 41,000 victims seeking refuge in evacuation centres. He said the floodwaters and the large numbers of stranded vehicles blocking roads were giving rescuers "a hard time" as they sought to reach those affected. While the rains had temporarily ceased Sunday, Teodoro said more flooding may hit northern provinces if reservoirs burst their banks. Philippine Red Cross chairwoman Gwendolyn Pang said rescuers were struggling to reach many areas, with many highways rendered impassable. "This has never happened before. Almost 80 percent of metropolitan Manila is underwater," Pang told AFP. In the district of Marikina, one of the worst-hit areas, rescuers waded in muddy floodwaters to reach the stranded, Red Cross official Dave Barnuevo said. "The water is taking a long time to go down. The water is muddy and thick, and we have had to push our rubber boats in neck-deep flood (waters) in some areas," Barnuevo told AFP. "We have rescued entire families marooned in their homes. They have not eaten and begged for food and water." The government's chief weather forecaster Prisco Nilo blamed "climate change" for the severity of the storm. He said that total rainfall for the nine-hour deluge was 41.6 centimetres (16 inches), breaking the previous single-day record of 33.4 centimetres in July 1967.