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Q: What is matibay ang walis palibhasay magkabigkis in 6 categories?
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What has the author Marek Walis written?

Marek Walis has written: 'Bajki, nie bajki'

What is the English of walis tingting?


Walis tambo in English?


What is Benguet's folk arts?

walis tambo

What actors and actresses appeared in Walis ni Tenteng - 1965?

The cast of Walis ni Tenteng - 1965 includes: Apeng Daldal Tony Dauden Renato Del Prado Dindo Fernando Venchito Galvez Blanca Gomez Ely Roque Rosemarie Sonora Maria Victoria

Word that start in letter w in tagalog?

watawat wallet wagas wangis wasto wala walis waksi wasak wakas

What is the product of Benguet?

walis tambo..knitted na things..strawberries..vegetables [because it's known as the salad bowl of the Philippines] even fruits :D

Produkto na maaring makuha sa bawat bahagi ng niyog?

Marmar ferdinan jennifer jovelyn joshua jahannamae johnkenneth jamica jessica jonhloyd jannacassandra

Mga bagay na nagsisimula sa letrang w?

walis, watawat, walo, wala, walet, welga

What are the words in Tagalog that start with the letter W?

Tagalog words that start with W: wala - none walis - broom watawat - flag walo - eight wagas - pure wagi - victory waglit - missing wahi - dispersion wakas - end welga - labor strike wido - aptitude wisik - sprinkle

What actors and actresses appeared in Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis - 2012?

The cast of Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis - 2012 includes: Ellen Adarna as Carla Roy Alvarez as Don Zaldy Fernandez Lance Angelo Lucido as Ivan Nicole Dulalia as Lev Lexi Fernandez as Queenie Delos Santos Lenlen Frial as Gelay Jean Garcia as Esmeralda Reyes Boboy Garovillo as Filipe Lucsin Janno Gibbs as Hilario Asuncion Rita Iringan as Wendy Vangie Labalan as Ms. Belenda Kasimsiman Sabrina Man as Carol Derrick Monasterio as Spade Fernandez Ama Quiambao as Lola Anita Lovely Rivero as Tiya Paning Ana Roces as Matilda Asuncion Edgar Sandalo as Father Greg Jana Trites as Ms. Doray Jake Vargas as Ace Fernandez Marita Zobel as Tandang Alicia

What are some five letter words with 1st letter W and 2nd letter A and 3rd letter L?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 12 words with the pattern WAL--. That is, five letter words with 1st letter W and 2nd letter A and 3rd letter L. In alphabetical order, they are: waldo walds waled waler wales walis walks walla walls wally walty waltz