What is mag-dolo refractory?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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magnesium-dolomite based refractory

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Q: What is mag-dolo refractory?
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What do you mean by refractory concrete?

refractory Concrete means refractory castable == ==

Why did Yilong Refractory change their name into Changxing Refractory?

Because of Changxing Refractory's largest investment, Yilong Refractory was renamed as Changxing Refractrory.

How do you use refractory in a sentence?

1) The virus was refractory to the medication. 2) The refractory class was unable to get anything done.

Where you can get refractory concrete?

Refractory Engineers Indianapolis Indiana 3172732000

Will the refractory product quality and services also change as the name of Yilong Refractory changed into Changxing Refractory?

The only change of Yilong Refractory is its name which has changed into Changxing Refractory. Its product quality, pre-sale and after-sale services remain unchanged.

Is the neuron ready to fire during the refractory period?

Refractory period

What is refractory insulation?

Refractory insulation is defined as insulation for extremely high temperatures. The threshold of temperature of insulation for refractory insulation is > 815 Celsius.

2 Define refractory period and differentiate between absolute and relative refractory periods?

refractory period is the interval between action potential , the absolute refractory period is the period in which second action potential can not be initiated but in relative refractory period the second action potential can be initiated by the more strong stimulus.

What type of refractory lining use for DRI melting in induction furnace?

SiO2 refractory

What super refractory?

Super Refractory is a refractory material which retains its shape and chemical identity in extreme heat, so super refractories are used in Industries for heat resistance.

A period after an initial stimulus when a neuron is not sensitive to another stimulus is the?

refractory period. This is a brief time after a neuron has fired an action potential, during which it cannot generate another action potential in response to a new stimulus. This period is crucial for maintaining the directionality of signal transmission in the nervous system.

What is a common refractory material?

A common refractory material is alumina, which is an oxide of aluminum. Alumina has high temperature resistance and is commonly used in industrial furnaces and kilns due to its ability to withstand extreme heat.