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Karagatan (In Philippine Literature) is literally an "open sea". This came from the legendary practice of testing the mettle of young men vying for a maiden's hand. The maiden's ring would be dropped into the sea and whoever retrieves it would have the girl's hand in marriage. This is one of the secular dramas generally held during the nine nights of vigil and prayers after someone's death or the first death anniversary when the family members put away their mourning clothes.

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Q: What is karagatan in Philippine literature?
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Example of duplo and karagatan in Philippine literature?

Duplo and Karagatan are bothpoetic something. Only that Karagatan is a poetic vehicle of a socio-religious nature celebrated during the death of a person while Duplo is a poetic joust in apeaking and reasoning.

What is duplo and karagatan in philippine literature?

Duplo is a form of Filipino poetic joust where two individuals or groups engage in a verbal showdown using improvised verses. Karagatan, on the other hand, is a form of Filipino poetic debate through verse that talks about love, destiny, and life. These traditional forms of poetry are important parts of Philippine oral literature.

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