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Q: What is ethnic affiliation meaning?
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What does enthnic?

it means ethnic quality or affiliation 2 : a particular etnic affiliation or group

What is the meaning of affiliation in Bahasa Melayu?


Mental illnesses ethnic background and political affiliation are examples of what data?


Mental illnesses ethnic background and political affiliation are examples of what kinda data?

racist !

What factors determined the party affiliation of American Voters in the period 1876-1900?

Most American voters determind their party affiliation by regional, ethnic, religious, and local factors

What is the meaning of panged ethnic?

There does not seem to be a meaning for panged ethnic in the English language. The term ethnic refers to a population or a subgroup within a population.

Which aspect of insurgent approach mobilizes support based on the common identity of religious affiliation clan tribe and ethnic group?


What is ethnic details?

Meaning of what race or national origin are you .

What is the meaning of name in ethnic script?

ethinic script

What is the ethnic origin of Jason?

Origin: Greek, meaning: 'Healer'

What is affiliation?

An affiliation is an agreement to affiliate for a company.

What is the difference between an ethnic group and religion group?

People of a single ethnic group can have different religions, for example the British are largely Protestant and Catholic Christians and their religious affiliation does not follow ethnic boundaries (historically). People of one religion can be from many different ethic groups. For example, Muslims are Arabs, Berbers, black Africans, Asians, etc. A religion is a belief system. An ethnic group is a group of people with common ancestry and culture.