What is dispute in Tagalog?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What is dispute in Tagalog?
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What is the tagalog of english?

The Tagalog word for "English" is "Ingles."

What is the repay in the tagalog?

The tagalog of the answer is!sagot the tagalog of is that you!ikaw yon the tagalog of she is!babae

What is the Tagalog areas?

The tagalog of are in tagalog is lugar.

What is the tagalog of about?

Tagalog of about: tungkol

How do you use the word dispute in a sentence?

The dispute was resolved by the police.We will dispute the court's decision.I had a huge dispute with my boss today.No resolution could be reached for the dispute.

What is sore in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of score: puntos

What is the tagalog of area?

The Tagalog word for "area" is "lugar."

What is a sentence with the word dispute?

I dispute the need for me to do your home work. I really find it difficult to dispute your response. The resolution is still in dispute. Do you dispute the teacher's right to assign homework?

How you 'I'm learning Tagalog' in Tagalog?

If you're trying to say 'I'm learning Tagalog' in Tagalog, then it's 'Nag-aaral ako ng Tagalog.'

What is a way to use the word dispute in sentence?

The dispute has gotten out of hand.If you wish to dispute this, contact the manager.The dispute led to war.

What is the Tagalog in cucumber?

Does the question means '' What is cucumber in Tagalog?'' or ''What is the Tagalog of cucumber?'' If yes, the tagalog word for cucumber is ''Pipino''.

How do you write the word 'tagalog' in tagalog?

In the Philippines, they use an alphabetic system similar to English, with some Spanish letters to write, so they simply write "Tagalog" as it is.