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Q: What is coconut amino's in Tagalog?
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What is Tagalog word for coconut?

Tagalog translation of COCONUT: niyog

How do you say coconut in Tagalog?

The word for coconut in Tagalog is "niyog."

What is the tagalog term for coconut tree?

Puno ng niyog

What are the classes of organizations?

Aminos, acids, lipids, vitamins.

What are the classes of organic compounds?

What organic compounds are found in cells

What does aminos mean?

It means in chemistry, the group -NH2, present in amino acids, amides, and amines.

Do amino acid supplements cause high blood pressure?

I've been taking aminos for about a month. For a week I've had headaches for weeks and wondered why. I checked my blood pressure and it was up. I never had high blood pressure until I started taking aminos.

What can I use if some-one is allergic to soy sauce for a salty flavor?

liquid aminos I like the braggs brand

Is glycine enantiomeric?

No, it would have to have an asymetric carbon, to be chiral. Hence it is the only of the 20 aminos, coded in the human genome, which does not have an enantiomer.

What is the tagalog of english?

The Tagalog word for "English" is "Ingles."

Why do coconut flakes have a strong flavor?

Coconut flakes are strong in coconut flavor because of the flavor compounds naturally found in coconut. Any coconut byproduct has a distinct coconut smell or flavor. Even coconut oil has an aroma of coconut.

What exactly is a coconut?

A coconut is the fruit of the coconut tree.