What is ayuey?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: What is ayuey?
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Ano ang tungkulin ng ngo?

Answer: Ang Ayuey ay sukdulang alipin at nagsisilbi sa bahay ng kanilang panginoon o amo. Pati ang asawa ng ayuey ay nagsisilbi rin bilang alipin alipin Additional: Ito ay mas kilala sa tawag na Aliping Saguiguilid

Anu ano ang tatlong kayarian ng pangungusap?

Sa Luzon>Datu >Timawa o timagua>AlipinA. Kung Apat ang kailiangan:DatuMaharlikaTimawaAlipinB. Ang Dalawang Uri ng Alipin:Aliping namamahayAliping SaguiguilidSa Mindanao>malai-I-bangsa >mabubai-bangsa>alipinSa VisayasA. Tatlong Uri ng Alipin:Tumataban-araw-araw na nagsisilbi sa amo .Ayuey-tatlong beses sa isang linggo nagsisilbi sa amo.Tumarampuk-paminsan-minsan lamang nagsisilbi sa kanilang amo..

What was the social life of early Filipinos?

SOCIAL CLASSES OF THE EARLY FILIPINOSMaharlikaThey are the nobles, rich and powerful people in every community.Maharlikas are the rulers and their relatives. Among them were the datu, sultan and hadji.Men who belonged in this class were called Lakan or Gat. The wife of the datu was called dayang or dayang-dayang.TimawaTimawas are the freemen. They were the common people.Some were born free while some were former slaves but they bought their freedom from their masters.They have the right to choose their jobs and the right to own properties.They had to be loyal and cooperative with the datu.Alipinalipins are the slaves. there are two types of slaves:a) aliping namamahayb) aliping sagigilidthe aliping namamay can own their own house while the aliping sagigilid are just relying on their master's graces.The early Filipinos treat people differently by social classes. Modern Filipinos do not have this difference. Rich and middle class Filipinos all enjoy the same things (watching movies, eating at restaurants, etc.)Ø Nobles - composed of the chiefs and their families, were the early society's upper class. They were highly respected in their community. In the tagalong region , the nobles usually carried the title of gat or lakan.Ø Freemen - who may be regarded as the society's middle class during the ancient period of Philippines history.o Dependents - called alipin are the members of the low class.o Aliping namamahay - had his own house and family.o Aliping sagigilid - had no house of his own , he lived with his master , and could not marry without the latter's consent.o Tumataban - who worked for his master when told to do so.o Tumarampuk - who worked one day a week for his masterso Ayuey - who worked three days a week for his masters.