What is asignatura?

Updated: 11/12/2022
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It's a Spanish word meaning "subject", as in school subjects.

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Q: What is asignatura?
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What is asignatura in English?

asignatura means: subject (as in a school subject)

What does un sinónimo de asignatura mean in English?

It means: (what is) a synonym for the word: asignatura. Asignatura means a (school) subject or course. A synonym for asignatura is: materia; curso.

What is the English translation of asignatura?

The English translation of "asignatura" is "subject" or "course."

What is the duration of Asignatura pendiente?

The duration of Asignatura pendiente is 1.82 hours.

What is the duration of Asignatura aprobada?

The duration of Asignatura aprobada is 1.57 hours.

When was Asignatura aprobada created?

Asignatura aprobada was created on 1987-04-09.

When was Asignatura pendiente created?

Asignatura pendiente was created on 1977-04-18.

Kaugnayan ng kasaysayan sa ibang disiplina at asignatura?

ito'y asignatura

What are the ratings and certificates for Asignatura aprobada - 1987?

Asignatura aprobada - 1987 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13

What does que asignatura te gusta mean in spanish?

Asignatura is another word for "Clases". The questions is asking "What classes do you like".

How do you respond to cual es tu asignatura favorita?

Mi asignatura favorita es la ciencia. Me encanta explorar cómo funciona el mundo a nivel molecular y cósmico.

Ano ang kaugnayan ng ekonomiks sa ibang asignatura?

ang ekonomiks bilang isang agham ay may kaugnayan sa ibang disiplina o asignatura na may kinalaman sa Tao o lipunan :D