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Q: What is a logical person in tagalog?
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What is the Tagalog phrase for Beautiful Person?

Tagalog Translation of BEAUTIFUL PERSON: magandang tao

What is the person who sells fruit called in Tagalog?

the person who sells fruit called in Tagalog: magpuprutas

What is salumpuwet in tagalog?

"Salumpuwet" in Tagalog refers to a chair or a seat where a person can sit on.

What are the obstacles for a logical person?

Missing steps! We just can't continue without them... it wouldn't be logical.

Tagalog of ego?

Tagalog translation of EGO: yabang

What is approach in tagalog?

Approach in Tagalog can be translated as "lapit" or "pamamaraan." It refers to the way or method of doing something, or the manner of dealing with a situation or person.

What is the meaning of Cadet in Tagalog?

The Tagalog word for "cadet" is "kadete." It refers to a student or trainee in a military or police academy.

What does mo mean in Tagalog?

"Mo" in Tagalog is a second person singular pronoun that translates to "your" in English.

How do you say I'll talk to you later in Tagalog?

The sentence "I'll talk to you later" is translated as "Kakausapin kita mamaya" in Tagalog. This is usually spoken by an elder person to a younger person, or superior to a subordinate. It would not be polite for a younger person to say this to an elder person.

What does logical problem solver mean?

It means that a person figures out a problem or a situation thinking strategically and logical or with sense.

What is meaning motivation in Tagalog language?

The meaning of "motivation" in Tagalog is "pampasigla," which refers to something that gives a person the drive or encouragement to pursue a goal or take action.

What is noun in tagalog?

Noun in Tagalog is called "pangngalan." It is a word used to name a person, animal, thing, place, or abstract idea.