What is Trait Transmission?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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tang ina ano ba ang sagot?

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Q: What is Trait Transmission?
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What is the importance of DNA in transmission of trait?

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What is the most likely mode of transmission for a trait that is not expressed in parents but is expressed by one half of the sons?

Rare X-linked recessive

Vertical transmission in animals?

Vertical transmission in animals does happen. It means a disease, condition or trait is transmitted from one generation to the next. This might be genetic or by contact, e.g. infection passing through the placenta.

What is an inherited characteristic?


Can cetain behavers be pass down through genes to children?

Certain behavioral traits can. For instance, one can inherit a trait such as risk aversion which may not be expressed in the immediate environment as a behavior, or this trait may be consciously modified into less risky behavior. Still, the trait has been show to be heritable and the evidence supports genetic transmission.

A trait that is hidden?

The trait that is hidden is recessive trait.

What is the importance of DNA in the transmission of trait?

The DNA had a large role in the transmission of traits. This is because the DNA is what passes the traits into the organisms offspring.

What causes a branch in a cladogram?

A new trait a derived trait

What trait masksthe othor form of a trait?

The dominant trait masks the recessive trait.

What is a trait that masks a trait called?

A suppressive trait...

What are non-mendelian trait?

Non-Mendelian traits are:A trait with no clearly dominant alleleA trait with four allelesA trait controlled by many genes

In a hybrid individual the trait that is covered and not expressed is the what trait?