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Hoy, Ikaw.! Oo Ikaw Nga Na Nakatingin Sa Screen .. Ibaba Mo Lang Nanjan Na Ang SagoT Sa Tanong Mo.! Oo Na .. Ibaba Mo Pa KonTi .. Di Ako Nagbibiro.! Oo Na Nga SinasagoT na KiTa ? :*

sa totoo ang baduy at ang corny nyan cnu ba ang nagsulat nyan ? napaka baduy ang layu nmn ng sagot mo....

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Q: What is CRT monitor high voltage hazards?
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Why is it dangerous to attempt to repair a computer monitor?

If you are repairing a CRT monitor they have capacitors that hold thousands of volts at high amperage. If you are repairing a LCD monitor they have Mercury in them. LCD monitors also are very high voltage.

What are the different of hazard?

physical hazard,mechanical hazard,chemical hazard,electric shock hazard,crt monitor high voltage hazard.

What are the example of crt monitor high-voltage hazard?

if you must open a crt monitor case for some reason be sure to study the pwoper way to discharge a crt before you proceed. It involves using a jumper wire and a flat blade screwdriver to shorten the anode to ground.After being discharged,even with no power connection,the anode voltage will actually build up again. So you have to repeatedly discharge it.

What are the different kinds of hazard?

Um, hazards? I guess... Kidnappers Thieves Serial killers People who do phishing (online) Gold Diggers Procrastination Satin Bullies Cliques Gangs

What are the kinds of hazard?

physical hazard,mechanical hazard,chemical hazard,electric shock hazard,crt monitor high voltage hazard.

The crt monitor plus situation used?

crt monitor situation used

Why should you never open a monitor?

A; There is sections on a CRT where the voltage can be lethal if touched by mistake. And that is one mistake that lasts forever.

What do you do if your computer screen filps?

By "flips" do you mean that it rolls over to the side? Generally that means that the "high voltage" is out of sync and THAT generally means that the monitor has failed. CRT monitors are generally not worth repairing.

What is the output voltage of eht which go to a CRT?

A large positive charge at the face plate of a CRT; in the order of 14,000 to 31,000 volts, is necessary to attract the electron beam from the neck of the picture tube to the front surface of the tube. There is a separate power supply in most CRT based viewing devices that supply this voltage. Large CRT's usually require higher voltages. High light outputs on any CRT requires more power from the high voltage supply than low light outputs. High voltage is also known as Extremely High Tension, EHT. VE T11.

A crt monitor has a glass?

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Monitor. These monitors have a glass screen.

What is a flyback?

A type of high voltage transformer. Their most common use was in CRT based TVs & computer monitors to generate the anode high voltage and horizontal sweeps.

Why is your CRT monitor hotter on the top left than on the top right?

The reason that CRT monitors are hotter on the left than on the right is because that is where the high voltage circuitry is located. The picture tube needs maybe around 20 KV to operate. Yes, 20,000 volts or so. There is a flyback transformer and a voltage doubler circuit for the focus control grid in the picture tube.