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Q: What is Baboy in Bicol language?
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What is food in bicol language?

In Bicol, the term for food is "pagkaon" or "pagkakan."

What is mahal kita in bicol language?

In the Bicol language, "mahal kita" is translated as "namomotan ta ka" or "namomotan ko ikaw."

What is mabango in bicol?

In Bicol language, "mabango" means having a pleasant or good smell. It is often used to describe something that is fragrant or aromatic.

What is thank you very much in bicol?

"Salamat po saimo" is "thank you very much" in Bicol language.

What is mahal in bicol?

In the Bicol language, "mahal" means expensive or costly.

What in Bicol language is Filipino Ako?

In Bicol, "Filipino Ako" can be translated as "Pilipino Ako."

Is bicol located in visayas?

No, the Bicol Region is not part of the Visayas; it is in fact, part of Luzon. It just so happen that Bicol is geographically located near the Visayas. The Bikol language may have similarities to Visayan languages but it is an entirely different language.

Could you please translate these to Bicol language?

Sure, please provide me with the words or phrases you'd like to have translated to Bicol language.

Website that translate englishto bicol language?

You can use online translation tools like Google Translate or websites such as Bing Translator to translate English to Bicol language. Simply input the English text you want to translate and select Bicol as the target language. Keep in mind that these translations may not always be accurate, as the nuances of languages can be complex.

Whose language is maray na aldaw?

"Maray na aldaw" is in the Bicolano language, which is spoken by the Bicolano people in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. It is used to greet someone, meaning "good day" in English.

What is the baboy?

"Baboy" is the Filipino word for "pig." In Filipino cuisine, dishes like lechon (roasted pig), adobo, and sisig often feature pork as a key ingredient.

How Mang Baboy i mean day un till Baboy XD?