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Q: What if iput your ring in a day late what should you do?
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What if you forgot to take out the nuva ring and take it out the next day is the ring still effective?

If you take it out a day late, you have no decrease in effectiveness. Insert your next ring on your normal schedule.

Does it affect your cyle if your 1 day late puttin the nuva ring in?

If you're a day late inserting nuvaring, you may have a different timing of your period. Putting it in a day late also increases your risk of pregnancy, so tkae a pregnacy test if your period is late.

What hapeens when you start the nuva ring about 2 weeks late will my periond come down on the 28th day like it's suppose to or will it skip while i have the ring in?

Inserting the ring late will probably change the timing of your next period, but it's hard to predict for an individual woman.

Is it okay to wear a band with your engagement ring?

When you have your engagement ring you should just wear the engagement ring. The band is placed on your finger at the altar the day you get married.

What if you put in your NuvaRing a few hours late - after the seven-day ring-free period?

If you miss the first three days of your NuvaRing cycle, you should use a backup method until you've worn the ring for seven days. If you had sex during that time, consider using emergency contraception.

Should you be nervous if your tubes are clamped and your period is a day late?

ofcourse you should're not doing it right?

When is nose ring day?

Everyday is nose ring day.

Is shouldn't a noun or verb?

The word shouldn't is a contraction, a shortened form for the verb 'should' and the adverb 'not'. The contraction functions in a sentence as the verb or auxiliary verb. Examples:You should not be late on your first day. OR: You shouldn't be late on your first day.

What should you do if you got your period before your scheduled day to remove your NuvaRing?

Continue using the ring as scheduled. You can use tampons or pads for bleeding without needing to remove the ring. When your removal day comes, take out the ring, and then replace it in seven days with a new one.

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About a few hours to a day

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