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Q: What happens to light rays when they hit smooth opaque objects?
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What happens when an objects is in the path of lights?

If the object is opaque to the frequency of light impinging on it, some of the light will be reflected and the rest will be converted to heat in the opaque object.

Do opaque object absorbs all the incident light on it?

Be careful not to confuse: Opaque objects are those that do not allow light to pass through it, but they can reflect light. It is BLACK objects that absorb all the incident light on it. To conclude, opaque objects do not necessarily absorb all the incident light on them but black objects ABSORB all the incident light on them (and are, of course, opaque)

What happens to light rays when they hit rough opaque objects?

When light rays hit rough opaque objects, such as a rough surface, they undergo diffuse reflection. This means that instead of reflecting off the surface at a single angle like with smooth surfaces, the light rays are scattered in various directions due to the uneven nature of the surface. As a result, the surface appears matte or non-reflective.

What are three opaque objects that stop or absorb light?

A rock, a tree and a dog are three opaque objects that stop or absorb light

What is a substance that dose not transmit light?

An opaque object does not reflect light. Opaque objects absorb light.

Are all light reflectors opaque?

are all opaque objects reflectors

Why can't opaque objects be observed using a light microscope?

Because if it is opaque it is blocking the light.

Why opaque objects do not cause a shadow?

Opaque objects do not let light to past through so it will not cause a shadow. Because light cannot get through an opaque object, it will cast a shadow on the side opposite of the light.

Objects that don't let light pass through them?

Why can't light pass through what? To first contributer, don't say that. Say light cannot pass through solid, opaque objects at times.

Can light be reflected off all types of objects?

No, not objects that are opaque.

When light rays are blocked by an object you can see the objects what?

These objects are opaque.

What colors of light are reflected by an opaque black objects?

White Light