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ano nga ba? hindi ko din alam ey :P

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Q: What factor has most influence environment Vs heredity behaviors?
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What factor is not part of your environment?

Abiotic factor

What is the chief factor that determines a person's susceptibility to obesity?

Heredity & environment ~jm Nutrition~

What is the difference between heredity and risk factor?

Heredity is the sum of the physical and mental traits that you inherit from your parents. Risk factors are conditions or behaviors that are present and represent a potential threat to an individuals well-being.

How does an environment factor can influence a trait?

Kobe Bryant 24, represent!!

What is physical factor?

The definition of a physical factor is a factor with physical components. In the abiotic environment, physical factors influence organism development and growth.

The factors influencing personality's?

the human personality talks about the whole being of does not only talks about the traits and attitude one posses. for me, the factor the influences more of the human personality is the environment where she/he lives...we are exposed to the environment more compare to other things, and also if may talked about is a type of environment... there is another factor that influences the personality and it is the heredity...the heredity factor is the one that influences the personality most because it tells u,, and shapes you in what you are born to be like

Environment is a more powerful factor than heredity in influencing a person's behavior?

Human nature is the most powerful factor in influencing a person's behavior and the factors of heredity and environment have never been proven that one is more powerful than the other. Factors influencing behavior are myriad and hard to distinguished clearly as one or the other but usually a combination; evidence has been either anecdotal or opinion. However, most human behavior can be linked to basic innate factors of being human.

What are the major factor that shape an individuals personality?

Heredity- makes possible the transmission of genetic materials or characteristics from parents to offspring. Environment- another factor that may contribute much to an organism in nature.

Is heredity an important factor in puberty?


Is heredity a controllable risk factor?

Not yet.

Is heredity considered a controllable risk factor?

Not yet.

Is heredity a risk factor that can threaten your health?

Yes, it can.