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ano nga ba? hindi ko din alam ey :P

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Q: What factor has most influence environment Vs heredity behaviors?
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What factor is not part of your environment?

Abiotic factor

What is the chief factor that determines a person's susceptibility to obesity?

Heredity & environment ~jm Nutrition~

What are the major factor that shape an individuals personality?

Major factors that shape an individual's personality include genetics, upbringing, environment, and personal experiences. Genetic factors can influence traits such as temperament, while upbringing and environment play a role in shaping beliefs, values, and behaviors. Personal experiences, such as trauma or significant life events, can also impact personality development.

How does an environment factor can influence a trait?

Kobe Bryant 24, represent!!

What is the difference between heredity and risk factor?

Heredity refers to the inheritance of traits or characteristics from parents to offspring through genetic information. Risk factors, on the other hand, are factors that increase the likelihood of developing a certain disease or condition, but they are not necessarily inherited and can be influenced by factors such as lifestyle or environment.

The factors influencing personality's?

Some factors that influence personality include genetics, environment, upbringing, culture, experiences, and relationships with others. These factors can all play a role in shaping an individual's unique personality traits and characteristics.

The bigger influences on individual heredity or environment?

Both heredity and environment play significant roles in shaping an individual's traits and behaviors. While heredity provides the genetic blueprint that sets the foundation, the environment, including upbringing, experiences, and social interactions, can also have a powerful impact on an individual's development. In most cases, it is the complex interplay between genes and the environment that ultimately determines an individual's characteristics and outcomes.

Environment is a more powerful factor than heredity in influencing a person's behavior?

Nature and nurture both play important roles in shaping behavior. While environment can have a significant impact, heredity (genetics) also contributes to an individual's behavior. Ultimately, both factors interact in complex ways to influence behavior.

Is heredity an important factor in puberty?


Is heredity a controllable risk factor?

Not yet.

Is heredity considered a controllable risk factor?

Not yet.

Is heredity a risk factor that can threaten your health?

Yes, it can.