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There's no translation of that word

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Q: What does weng mean in tagalog?
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When was Weng Weng born?

Weng Weng was born on 1957-09-07.

When did Weng Weng die?

Weng Weng died on 1992-08-29.

When did Will Weng die?

Will Weng died in 1993.

When was Will Weng born?

Will Weng was born in 1907.

What does Angelica mean in Tagalog?

Angelica mean in Tagalog: anghel

What does sundot mean in Tagalog?

sundot mean in Tagalog: poke

What sgot mean in tagalog?

Sgot tagalog and sgpt tagalog

When was Weng Xinzhi born?

Weng Xinzhi was born in 1988.

When was Weng Tojirakarn born?

Weng Tojirakarn was born in 1951.

When was Weng Tonghe born?

Weng Tonghe was born in 1830.

When did Weng Tonghe die?

Weng Tonghe died in 1904.

When was WENG created?

WENG was created on 1964-11-15.