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Q: What does wala naman pala kaya wag kana din mag mean in filippino?
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What does buntis mean?

It means 'pregnant' in Filippino.

I know Kana has something to do with the Japanese alphabet but what does it mean?

kana means writing or letters

What does Katakana mean in Japanese?

The word katakana means "fragmentary kana" or "fragmented kana". Source: Wikipedia, Japanese to English Dictionary.

What does kana mean in English?

"(I) Wonder" Like Ashita wa itenki kana? If you write Kana in Kanji, it would be 仮名. It means anonym or another name. Japanese people borrowed Chinese character but they didn't give up their language. So they started to create Kana from Chinese characters. あ is from 安 か is from 加 さ is from 左 These are Hiragana. Katakana is another form (in ancient time, there were several variations for Kana).

What does nakaka silaw ka naman mean in English?

"It's blinding."

What does broad beans mean in Telugu?

Chukkudu kaya

What does the Hawaiian name Kaya mean?

Wise child

What does ay ok naman mean in Tagalog?

"Ay okay naman" is a Tagalog phrase that means "It's okay." It is commonly used to express reassurance or confirmation in a casual manner.

What is white wolf in Japanese kana I know how to say it but not the kana?

By 'kana' you mean katakana or kanji? Oh well, I'll write both. シロオオカミ is katakana, 'シロ' as in white, and 'オオカミ' as in wolf. '白狼' would be kanji. shiro ookami in romanji- Just clarifying in case you have another reading for white wolf.

What does Japanese word kara mean in English?

There are several different words read as kara in Japanese:kara = empty, vacant (written with a single kanji)kara = from, after (spelled out in kana)kara = because (spelled out in kana)kara (with a long second vowel) = colour

What does sino ka ba mean you Samoan?

answer:who are you samoan?simple lang naman po eh!

What does cardinary set mean?

maly ko kaya nga ako ng search...