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Q: What does tapos na ba ito mean in English?
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What does ba mean in English?

'Ba' is not an English word. The acronym B.A. is Bachelor of Arts, a college degree.

What does this mean in English ang lamig ba sobra?

In English, "ang lamig ba sobra" translates to "is it too cold?" in English.

Ito ba ang sagot?

ano ang sagot sa 8+(-6) at bakit ito ang sagot?

What does you ba-hma mean in Hebrew?

'You ba-hma' has no meaning in Hebrew. I can't even tell what it means in English.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ito ba ang pag-ibig - 1971?

The cast of Ito ba ang pag-ibig - 1971 includes: Perla Bautista Luis Gonzales Liberty Ilagan

What are the chemicals combined with metals?

kung ito ay alm ko ay iatatanong ko ba ito sa inyo

How are these rituals related to drama?

naghahanap din ako tapos ako paanswer nyo..ano ba kayo ..bleehh:P

What does Ba Man Bemoon Emshab mean in English?

"Stay with me tonight." Ba= with, Man= I/me, Bemoon= stay, Emshab= tonight.

How do you say is it clean in Filipino?

Tagalog translation of IS IT CLEAN: Malinis ba ito?

Saang bansa nagmula ang jainism?

nagtatanong nga ako di ba, tapos ako ang tatanungin nyo ng sagot anong klaseng klatanungan ba toh'

What does ba mean in Egyptian history?

In Egyptian 'Ba' translates directly into Life Force. The best English translation would be soul.

Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng Filipino?

ito ay powe!