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Correlate clinically means that something is closely related to a clinical setting. Correlate means a measure of association between two variables or in relation to.

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Q: What does correlate clinically mean?
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What does correlate clinically mean definition?

Clinically, correlation occurs after various diagnostic tests are run. Doctors take test results and compare them to factors such as a patient's age, sex, weight and medical history to make an accurate diagnosis based on the results.

What does it mean when test results say please corelate clinically?

The phrase "Please correlate clinically" would most often appear on MRI, CAT, or X-Ray results. To correlate means "see what matches and what doesn't match", or in medicine, "see which clinical signs match what the radiologist thinks he sees on an X-Ray", for example. Clinical signs or "clinically" means the exam and assessment a physician performs to rule out and rule in different possible conditions or diseases. Diagnosis always involves the "clinical picture" which are the signs of illness or disease the doctor finds. Sometimes, the test results fit what the doctor sees, but sometimes it doesn't.

What does clinically well mean?

A person that "presents well clinically" does not appear to show signs of distress or duress

What does presents well clinically mean?

A person that "presents well clinically" does not appear to show signs of distress or duress

What does compulate mean?

'Compulate' is not a word. It is gibberish.

Is this the correct spelling for correlate?

Yes, "correlate" is the correct spelling.

Is correlate with or correlate to correct?

Both "correlate with" and "correlate to" are commonly used and generally accepted. However, "correlate with" is more frequently used in scientific contexts to indicate a relationship between two things, while "correlate to" is less common but can still convey a similar meaning in certain contexts.

How do you spell correlate?

That is the correct spelling of correlate (associate, match up).

How do you use clinically in a sentences?

The medicine was clinically proven and tested.

What does clinicaly proven mean?

Si algo es "clinically proven," es probado por científicos.

What is a sentence using the word correlate?

Geologists try to correlate earthquakes with movements along existing fault lines. The odds of success does not always correlate with the amount of effort applied.

What is a sentence using the word clinically?

Although clinically dead for two minutes, the patient was successfully revived. Brain injuries can result in a clinically vegetative state.