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Q: What does bakit wala kang pictures mean in English?
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What does 'Isa kang gaya-gaya bakit wala ka bang original ha bakit ginagaya mo ko hah nakakatawa ka buwahaha La lang sobrang boring walang magawa' mean in tagalog?

English Translation: You are a copycat. You don't have originality. Why do you keep on copying me? You're funny! Haha! It's nothing. Too boring. Got nothing to do.

Bakit kailangang anihin?

What do you mean "Bakit kailangang anihin"? Im acctually from USA so ye i dont understand those languages oh i know what that means in english! What that means in english is its I WANNA WAS A GOOD DAY! Right?

What does grasia's pour la's fotos mean in English?


What does bakit paalam mean?

it means"why goodbye"

What does Isa kang gaya-gaya mean in Tagalog?

it means that you are a coppycat

What does you look like a model mean in Tagalog?

Mukha kang modelo.

What does the name Kang Xing-Jin mean?

it means 康兴进

What does the German word 'weihnachtsbilder' mean in English?

That means something like christmas pictures. That are usually pictures of a christmas tree or the christmas celebration that someone is celebrating. Always fun to watch.

In what language does bakit mean why?

What is written there is Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines. I used to live in Manila; so I recognize some of the words.

What does trade pictures mean?

Share pictures

What does the word 'cameras' mean in English?

In English, the Spanish word camaras translates directly to the word cameras. Cameras are used to take pictures in order to always remember certain events.

What does bakit labis kitang mahal mean?

It means, "Why do I love you so much?"