What does Y Feliz Ano mean?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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It means "and a happy year."

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Q: What does Y Feliz Ano mean?
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What does Y un Feliz Nuevo Ano a usted también mean in English?

It means: And a happy new year to you too.

How do you say merry Christmas and a happy new year in spanish?

Feliz navidad y prospero ano nuevo a ti y tu familia! (pronounce the v in navidad like a "b", the ano like "anyo", pronounce the Y like "eee", and the ti like "tee") This actually is a good basic spanish pronounciation exercise. Start rolling the double rs and you got it!

What does feliz ano mean?

perhaps you mean "feliz año nuevo"- happy new year otherwise, feliz año would be. happy year

Fliez Navidad Prospero Ano y Felicidad?

Feliz Navidad means Merry Christmas and prospero ano y felicidad means prosperous year and happiness

What does Feliz anos prospero ano y felicidad mean?

Merry Christmas, happy (prosperous) new year, and happiness.

What does En Navidad y el Ano Nuevo mucha alegria y felicidad mean in english?

Well, to be Truthful about it, Feliz Navidad is actually Spanish or Hispanic. Feliz is Spanish/Hispanic for Merry, or Happy. Navidad is Spanish/Hispanic for Nativity, or Christmas. I really do hope I helped you with whatever you needed to know! Feliz Navidad when translated into English, means Happy Christams literally. It, however, has been adapted over the years to mean the more common phrase, Merry Christmas.

What is 'Happy New Year' in Portuguese?

"Feliz Ano Novo" is a Portuguese equivalent of "Happy New Year."The masculine adjective "feliz" means "happy." The masculine noun "ano" means "year." The masculine adjective "novo" means "new."The pronunciation is "feh-lee-ZHAH-noo NOH-voo."

How do you say Best wishes and happy new year in Spanish?

buenas deseos y feliz ano nuevo

What language is feliz ano novo?

Feliz ano novo is Portuguese for "Happy New Year."

What is Feliz Ano Novo?


What does Estar bien y vivir feliz mean?

Be well and live happily

Merry Christmas Happy New Year in Brazilian Portuguese?

Merry christmas = Feliz natal Happy new year = Feliz ano novo Happy Christmas and a happy new year = Feliz natal e um feliz ano novo Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year = Feliz natal e um próspero ano novo