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Cognates, and family of origin. Indonesian and Filipino, are both forms of another language. Indonesian, is a form of Malay. Filipino, is a form of Tagalog. Tagalog and Malay, are close cousin languages meaning that Indonesian and Filipino themselves are close cousin languages. Indonesian and Filipino also belong to the Austronesian family of langauges, or sometimes called Malayo-Polynesian languages. There are many cognates betwen Indonesian/Malay and Filipino/Tagalog.


puti = white

aku/ako = me/I

anak = son/daughter/offspring

lima (Indonesian)/limang (Filipino) = five

gunting = scissor

balik = return/back

angin (Indonesian)/hangin (Filipino) = wind

langit = heaven/sky

lalaki = male

pangulu (Tagalog)/penghulu (Malay) = president


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Q: What do the Indonesian and Filipino languages have in common?
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