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Q: What did fedel del mundo create?
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What is contribution of fedel mundo?

Incubator :)

What did fedel mundo invent?

she invent the improvised incubator....

Who made the incubator?

fedel mundo and jean baptiste pouta

What is the English translation of del mundo?

The English translation for 'del mundo' is 'of the world'.

When was Debajo del mundo created?

Debajo del mundo was created in 1987.

Why did Fe del Mundo create the incubator?

Because she worked for the betterment of Filipinos, especially in the rural areas.

When was Fe del Mundo born?

Fe del Mundo was born on November 27, 1911.

When was Rhythms del Mundo created?

Rhythms del Mundo was created on 2006-11-14.

What does Paz del mundo means?

Paz del mundo in English means World peace.

When was Emigrante del Mundo created?

Emigrante del Mundo was created on 2011-09-30.

When was Rhythms del Mundo Classics created?

Rhythms del Mundo Classics was created in 2007.

When was Emigrante del Mundo - song - created?

Emigrante del Mundo - song - was created in 2007.