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Año nuevo basically means new year, i Spanish, so I'm pretty sure every Spanish speaking nation celebrates this day. According to Angier resident Alex Jimenez, a native of the southern portion of Mexico, Hispanic culture celebrates New Year's Eve with the same vigor as America, though traditions are different.

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The countries that celebrate El 12 de Octubre are Spain, Latin America, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezula, and Costa Rica. Although, in each of these different countries, the holiday has many different names. For example, in Spain, El 12 de Octubre is known as Fiesta Nacional de España or Día de la Hispanidad.

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usally mexico and Spain but some other small spanish speaking places.

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Q: What countries celebrate el ano nuevo?
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When do you celebrate el ano nuevo?

January 1st

What does Ano Nuevo mean?

The new year = El Año Nuevo It can also mean "new year's eve" or "new year's day" Be careful with the ñ and the n. They are not interchangeable letters. El ano nuevo = the new anus.

El dia de Ano Nuevo?

New Year's Day.

When does el ano nuevo occur?

New Year (31 December/1 January)

What day is el ano nuevo in Mexico on?

Año nuevo is literally, new year's. It would be January 1st of every year.

What does el dia de ano nuevo es mean in spanish?

New Year's Day.

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What countries celebrate el dia del santo?

Spanish speaking countries celebrates el dia del santo .

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