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Q: What are the programs implemented by corazon aquino?
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Who was the 11th president of the Philippines?

Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino(cory aquino)Corazon Aquino

What is Corazon Aquino's birthday?

Corazon Aquino was born on January 25, 1933.

When was Corazon Aquino born?

Corazon Aquino was born on January 25, 1933.

Who is the mother of benigno aquino?

corazon aquino

When did Corazon Aquino die?

Corazon Aquino died on August 1, 2009 at the age of 76.

When was Presidency of Corazon Aquino born?

Presidency of Corazon Aquino was born on 1933-01-25.

When did Presidency of Corazon Aquino die?

Presidency of Corazon Aquino died on 2009-08-01.

Ano ang nagawa ni corazon aquino?

ano ang nagawa ni corazon aquino

What is the birth name of Corazon Aquino?

Corazon Aquino's birth name is Mara Corazn Sumulong Cojuangco.

What nicknames did Corazon Aquino go by?

Corazon Aquino went by Cory, and Tita Cory (Aunt Cory).

Where corazon Aquino study in elementary?

Corazon Aquino studied elementary at St. Scholastica's College in Manila, Philippines.

How many years corazon Aquino to stand to become a president?

How many years corazon aquino to stand to become a presedent?