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timpani,cymbals,xylophone at iba pang insdtrumentong hinahampas.

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Q: What are the other examples of instrument perkusyon?
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Ano ang instrumentong perkusyon?

ibig sabihin ng perkusyon ay pinapalo tulad ng mga tambol,pompiyang, at timpani(parang katulad ng tambol pero may gulong sa paanan)

What is a clavier?

Any keyboard instrument...most common reference is Piano. Other examples are the harpsichord and the clavichord.

Examples of credit instrument?

A credit instrument is something that can be used instead of money. Some examples are promissory notes, checks, and credit cards.

What are examples of wood wind instruments?

A wind instrument is defined and basically any instrument that is played by blowing air through it. Some examples are: trumpet, trombone, clarinet, oboe, sax.

The xylophone and the tympani are examples of what kind of instrument?


The clarinet and the bassoon are examples of what type of instrument?


What are some traditional Chinese instruments?

Some traditional Chinese instruments include the Guqin, a plucked instrument, and the Guan, a type of wind instrument. Other examples include the Xindi, a flute, and the Bianzhong, a bronze bell.

What are examples of non percussion instrument?

woodwinds, strings, brass...

What are examples of vibrate?

a string being plucked on a stringed instrument

What family does the harmonica belong to?

The harmonica is regarded as a wind instrument and free reed instrument. Free reed instruments produce sound as air flows past a vibrating reed, and other examples include pitch pipes and accordions.

What are some examples of a cordiophone?

It is a type of musical instrument that definitely exists.

What are examples of vibrational motion?

a string being plucked on a stringed instrument