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Q: What are the first and last words of Panatang Makabayan?
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What are the latin words for first and last?

First = Primus Last = Postremus

What words have no comparisons?

First, last

How do you say the words first and last in greek?

First is protos Πρώτος Last is telefteos Τελευταίος

What are the first and last words of the bible?

in amen

What is the opposite of last 5 words?

The opposite word is "first."

Is lastname one world?

Last Name is two words... same as first name. The "last" portion of it designates which name it is refering to: first, middle or last.

The two words at the top of a dictionary page showing the first and last words on the page are called .?

Guide words.

What are the words of the verse 'the last farewell'?

The last words of the first, third, and fourth lines in each stanza rhyme and the last words of the second and fifth lines in each stanza rhyme.

4 letter words where first and last letter are the same?

Four letter words with the same first and last letter are:areaariaaquaaurabarbblabblobbulbchicdeaddeeddieddyedeaseeaveedgeelsefiefganggonggroghashhighhushkickkooklolllullmaimneonnoonnounoleoontoOreoorzoouzopeeppimpploppomppoopprepproppulppumprearroarsanssasssoustacttartteattauttenttesttextthattilttintToottorttouttrottufttwitwhew

What is the awnser to the brain teaser you just me?

if the first three words are the boys down , what are the last three words

Was Houston the first and last words spoken on the moon?

The first words spoken on the moon were "Contact light" - said by Buzz Aldrin. I have a feeling that the last words were "I'm not going to throw my yo-yo away." Said by Harrison H. Schmitt.

What two letter words are capitalized in a title?

In a title, only the first word, the last word, and all major words are typically capitalized. Minor words like "and," "or," and "but" are not usually capitalized unless they are the first or last word of the title.