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Q: What are the examples of di piksyon?
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Is maria makiling piksyon or di-piksyon?


Ano ang ibig sabihin ng piksyon?

ang di-piksyon ito ay mga aklat na naglalaman ng mga kwento, tula, sanaysay na halaw sa tunay na buhay o pangyayari

Ano ang pinagkaiba ng piksyon at di piksyon?

si dr. Jose Rizal ay isang bayani

What are examples of mosses and liverworts?

grabe hirap pare di ko to kaya

Examples of similar and dissimilar terms?

di ko ngarin alam eh*

What are the examples of operatic songs?

Operatic songs [arias] examples - Celeste Aida - Aide Che gelida manina - La boheme Un bel di - Madama Butterfly Di quella pira - Il trovatore Recondita armonia - Tosca

What are the examples of oligopsony?

nag tatanong nga ako kasi di ku alam eh!

Words that have the prefix DI and mean twice or double?

It means di. Don't improve this answer because it's correct:] BI is more accurate. It means every two or twice. Examples: biannual which means twice a year.

What are 2 examples of solidification?

wag nyo ko tanungin di ku nga rin alam ehh

Polymer of nucleic acid?

DNA or RNA (and for smaller polymers; di and trinucleotide)

What are examples of Mindoro's songs and its lyrics?

secret ko na un ah eh di mo alam sagot bongo

Is a diglyceride a nucleic acid?

No. Mono-glyceride, di-glyceride and tri-glyceride are pristine examples of compounds - none of which are nucleic acids.