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1. Unti unting nababawasan ang makapal na balahibo sa katawan.

2. Naging malya ang kamay nila upang gamitin sa pagdadala ng pagkain at mga kagamitan

3. Nabawasan ang init sa katawan

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Q: What are the effects of bipedalism?
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What is the word for having two feet?

bipedalism bipedalism

What does bipedalism?

walking on two legs

What is chrarcteristic of all primates?


A major disadvantage of bipedalism is?

childbirth is the main disadvantage of bipedalism. human children are born much earlier than children of other primates, and childbirth is much more difficult and risky because of the skeletal structure required of bipedalism.

What is the term for any primate bipedalism?


What is facultative bipedalism?

They manure by there hands and feet.

What are the charasteristic of humans?

language, bipedalism, use of tools.

What is the basic diagnostic characteristic of hominids in genera?

Bipedalism or Bipedality

What is the mediacl term that mean two legs?

That would be bipedalism.

The ability to walk upright on two feet is called?

That is 'bipedalism'.

What is a ten letter word for standing and walking on two legs?

Bipedalism. biology

What is the function of the bipedalism?

so animals can use their hands to hold or grab objects