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ano ba ang sagot?

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Q: What are the different objects used in flowcharts?
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What is flowol?

flowol is an internet based programme used to make flowcharts ")

In what stage of the programming process are flowcharts and pseudocode used?

Understand the problem

How can you declare global an local variables in flowcharts?

Global and local variables can be displayed in flowcharts typically as overlays or in region specific flowcharts. General flowcharts on the base chart cannot accommodate multiple variations.

Where can you find flowcharts in C programs?

C programs don't contain flowcharts.

What are flowcharts?

Flowcharts are the pictrorial representation of a program. Different types of shapes are used to represent a flow of a program. A rectangle is used to write the processing for eg: calculations as a+b, A oval is used to write the start and stop of the program, A parallelogram is used to enter the input values. Flowcharts minimize the complexity of a big program and it is understandable even to a person with non IT knowledge.

Why are flowcharts useful for dichotomous keys?

they allow the researcher to visualize relationships between different bacteria.

Can different magnets attract heavier objects?

Bigger magnets are used for heavier objects.

What are flowcharts used as tools for requirement modeling?

flowchart is a graphical representation of algorithm. it represents the algorithm or process, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order by connecting these with arrows. Flowcharts are used in analyzing, designing, documenting or managing a process or program in various fields. Flowcharts contain symbols, such as connectors, usually represented as circles, to represent converging paths in the flowchart.some types of flowcharts:Document flowcharts, showing controls over a document-flow through a systemData flowcharts, showing controls over a data flows in a systemSystem flowcharts showing controls at a physical or resource levelProgram flowchart, showing the controls in a program within a system

What are two most commonly used tools for planning a programs logic?

Flowcharts and pseudocode

How do you draw a flowchart using switch?

A switch won't help you in drawing flowcharts, but there are flowcharts templates, witch do.

How are flowcharts used in computer programming?

Flowcharts are used to help in the program planning stage. They document the code paths and the decisions made in the programs. They are not absolutely necessary, but they help make things easier by having a visual representation of how the program works.

How do programmers represent an algorithm?


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